The Take Down : Synopsis | Singer Films

A race against time to kill or be killed as hitman Jack is contracted to take down his corrupt boss and the team of deadly assassins sent to stop him.

After a mission goes wrong, hitman Jack is given a second chance by government agent Hawkins. In return, he must take down his corrupt company boss Eastwood. Caught in the middle of a company code and government battle for power, Jack's priority is to keep his daughter Amber safe. But when Eastwood sends a team of assassins to stop Jack, it suddenly becomes a cat and mouse game of kill or be killed through the streets of London.

David Newton

PRODUCED BYEloise Carrow

CASTJack Jagodka
Connie Jenkins-Greig
Kevin Mangar
Jean-Paul Ly
Beau Fowler
Marcus Shakesheff
Katrina Durden